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Get one month free with Smarty Mobile's cheap SIM only deals exclusive to TechRadar

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In the world of SIM only deals, competition is fierce. To succeed, the best of the best will offer options around cashback, unlimited data, the cheapest price, or in the case of Smarty, a completely free month on your SIM.

Now, you might be thinking, paying absolutely nothing for your first month sounds suspicious...what's the catch? There is no catch, exclusively for TechRadar readers, you simply buy one month and the second will cost you nothing, pretty great right?

The even better news is that Smarty Mobile is flexible with it's plans. That means you can sign up for just 1 month if you want to, giving you a 2 month SIM only plan from as little as £3.12, an unbeatable price.

Decide to stay longer than 2 months and you'll still get your free month but also get to enjoy Smarty's money back on unused data scheme (explained below), bringing even more affordability to this offer.

You can see each Smarty package below, each at a different price and data point. If you would rather go for something different, more data perhaps? then you can find all of the options on our SIM only deals page.

Smarty's SIM only deals in full:

Save on your bills with unused data

On the merits of the above promotion alone, Smarty is looking like a clever SIMO option at the moment for new and old SIM-free mobiles alike. But its other USP is really worth reminding you about, too.

It will give you money off for any data allowance that you don't use in a month. So if you have a month where you hardly use your phone away from the Wi-Fi at all, you may be eligible for money off your next phone bill. 

The tariffs include a base price of £5 per month which is non-refundable. So whichever plan you go for (other than the basic 1GB or unlimited data options, of course) you will get a discount on your next month by £1.25 per GB you don't use.

Worried about reception? Again there's nothing to be afraid of - Smarty piggybacks on the Three network which covers 97% of the UK.

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